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Monday, March 28, 2011

Is It Thursday Yet?

I always get extra excited this time of year. It's the smell of spring or something other than pot roast.

The 2011 season is coming soon and the weatherman better cooperate. I wanna hear about snow less than Mayor Bloomberg right about now.

Curtis Granderson's so excited he pulled a lavitcus muscle jumping up and down on the team bus. I'm gonna go outside now and check the barometer.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Pitch

So as we approach the holiday known as Opening Day, I've broken out the good china for an assortment of Hot Dogs and Nachos. And good thing I did because Bartolo Colon looks to be coming north with the team and he certainly is no stranger to the buffet table.

CC on the other hand looks slim and trim, and we like him more and more every year. Phil Hughes should come ready because he is now officially an important part of this team. No more kid stuff Phillip, it's time to thicken those pin stripes and be the star we know you can be. Nova looks to be riding the fourth spot in the rotation and we only hope he's Chevy tough. As for AJ, well at best we think he's a numskull, but he's OUR numskull so go get em AJ.

The pen was bolstered by the Soriano signing though Cashman is still angry. Mo is the coolest guy on the team, slightly usurping the Captain and we can't wait to see him. Joba looks a bit hefty but as long as he throws smoke he can have all the wings he wants. Robertson? Just don't throw too many straight down the middle and you should be fine.

The manager and the bench all look good and hopefully they got enough sunflower seeds to get them through November.

Pack your Tampa bags next week and come to the Stadium, and don't forget to bring the weather with you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Around The Horn

As we finally approach Opening Day we can put away the mittens, the Chapstick and the hot cocoa and get our balls and bats ready for the 2011 Season.

The Yankees are making their way through the Tampa pre-season like a lukewarm knife through fudge. But being of the mind that it's better to stay quiet and prepare, this year's Yankees are playing it cool.

Taking a gander round the horn we can see our team on a more one-on-one basis.

Jorge won't be behind the dish as much anymore and that's too bad for us Jorge fans but it's unfortunately also probably bad news for last years opposing base runners. Russell Martin should be a solid backstop as Big Baby Jesus II is in the on deck circle.

First is Tex's domain and he seems to be ready to mash but it's his glove I love.

Second base is covered by newly minted superstar Robbie Cano, whaddya know.

Third base hinges on A-Rod's hip but he looks good enough to Twist and Shout.

And at Shortstop is El Capitaine, everyone's poster boy, Derek Jeter.  His new contract clearly expresses his feelings that there's no place like home.

And in the Outfield we got speed and good haircuts in Gardner, Granderson and Swisher.

Let's see if we can put together our wood and make this lineup SWING.