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Monday, January 3, 2011

Spring Training Here We Come

In New York we all respect the Mara's and the way they do business but will you at least borrow Jesus Montero and let him give middle linebacker a shot? We need to see someone big, young and who knows how to hold onto the ball next year.

Speaking of holding the ball, is Jorge going to be OK DH'ing? We love Georgie but c'mon, he wasn't exactly top notch late last year behind the dish. If he hits he will continue to be a great Yankee.

No word on Derek's supposed wedding and we hope A-Rod is doing all right because we haven't seen him in the gossip pages for a while now.  Maybe he's happy Diaz-ing.

And for the new year we wanna wish the best to everyone and we also hope Girardi let's his hair grow out, brings us another ring, and does more Taco Bell commercials.

Speaking of commercials where's Mariano's Emmy?