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Monday, May 23, 2011

Grandyman's Sweet

If it weren't for Curtis Granderson the Yankees might be looking up at more teams than we'd like to admit here, this guy's been amazing.

What is it Curtis? Are you eating double porterhouses at Smith & Wollensky's every other day?

Can some of our other sluggers try and pick it up to at least a slow jog here before we hit June?

OK enough of this, I'm heading to Ray's for a midnight slice.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Colon Smells Like Victory

Bartolo who woulda thunk? You look like you should be fishing for bluefish on the shores of some sandy beach head but instead you toss inning after inning of ball for us. You keep us in games and even when it takes a few extra innings, you propel us to victory. How about that.

Now if we can just get some HITS.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bronx Zoology

If I didn't know better I'd thought I was wearing my Tony Manero white three piece while doubling up on some slices from Ray's...because this team reminds me of '78 when we could see early on Billy's drinking and Reggie's straw-stirring weren't a good match.

Jorge apologizes but to who? Cashman makes amends but for what? The Yankee brass is supposedly angry at Jeter but why? Suddenly this thing's got us playing Marcia Clark and her haircut would look awful on me. So let's not.

Let's give Jorge the benefit of the doubt. Whatever that even means. Let's say all of you, Cash, Joe G, Jeter, Swisher, Harpo and even Zeppo, howsa bout ALL of you get together and figure out a ways to WIN.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bronx Chaos

As the vaunted Yankees dropped ANOTHER game to those yellow bellied jack o lanterns from Beantown, Jorge Posada asks out of the game and then all hell broke loose. Joe Buck sat there stammering with Sarah Silverman, a famous pink hat, while Tim McCarver looked as if he wanted to leave the country. Two bleeps later FOX was hoping to return their credibility (wait, ....ok nevermind) when Cashman goes on and says "it wasn't injury it was...". When did Brian Cashman turn into Monte Hall? I want answers people.

So as we sit here awaiting word on what's up Georgie, we need to figure out how to make this team better. Kevin Long? Hey Hall of Famer's go through long stretches where nobody can hit and nobody looks around at this guy. Messing with Jeter's swing, changing Alex's leg kick, suddenly this guys turning into Bob Fosse.

Gimme a freaking break.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Freedom Rings

It's only appropriate that the greatest team that ever was claims victory on this day. God Bless America and the New York Yankees.