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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wow Baseball

On what was maybe the most exciting night coast to coast in the history of Major League Baseball, I'm still drunk off of that cheap beer Chris bought, and I still can't believe how it all played out. Those brats from Boston let their fans down yet a Timex with a gag reflex they take a licking and keep on ...losing in September. And that's fine with Fredi Gonzalez and his Atlanta Braves who blew a lead almost as large in the last month and then gave it up last night in the late inning swoon.

This was history fellas. I was watching with Jimmy, Dougie, Bernie and Al, Twice Charlie and The Gilberto Brothers. Jimmy you owe me ten bucks by the way. We had some fun and some laughs, none harder than when Bernie dangled spoons of his nose and sang Tenth Avenue Freeze Out with Al on imaginary horns.

Let the games begin.

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