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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where Were The Stripes

I saw stars but where were the strips? The Pinstripes in fact. The clutch hit, the sacrifice fly, the something that would have, should have had the Bombers moving easily past the Detroit Bengals. Now to be truthful - don't say it Janice - I don't think this should have even gone five games. The Yankee lineup is twice that of the Detroit crew and the Bronx bullpen could save nearly any game on the Brinx this season.

So here we are. Congratulations to the Tigers. The Yankees have some work to do, maybe getting more pitching, some blue collar outfielders who can hit in the clutch, and hope Minka and DJ don't re-unite as we saw the results as Derek hit .330 the rest of the way.

So though we had some fun, it is again a year of failure. No championship and no parade, hey that ain't OK.

We better win it all next year.

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